Welcome to our multi-community collaboration project. The Anderson to Heritage Planning Coalition aims to ensure our communities are connected and vibrant well into the 21st century


We want to enhance the neighbourly aspects of our communities – to create gathering spaces and hubs of activity, to ensure that everyone has a chance to meet their neighbours and play an active role in making our communities welcoming to visitors to Macleod, but still feel like ‘home’ to the residents


The six communities surrounding Macleod Trail between Anderson and Heritage have done a lot of work gathering information within their boundaries over the last few years. Some of this information was from community led initiatives, and some of it was collected while working with partner organizations. This year, the communities have decided to work together where our edges join.

Join your Community Association!

Historic Gallery

Our communities are starting to host a lot of new neighbours - but we are fortunate to still have a lot of original residents who have pictures of our streets and buildings from the early days. Have a picture you want to share in your photo album? Let us know! You can email it to us, or we can come scan it without it ever leaving your home. No pictures? How about a story! One of our Planning Directors recently found out why their garage was a weird shape - the neighbour down the street had lit it on fire as a young child! By accident, we assume...

Get Involved

You are part of our community - be as involved as you want to be! Most of the Community Associations have a Planning Committee - some might need your help to get one off the ground. The whole reason this coalition exists is to help each other - we are here for you! 

If your involvement is limited to stories or sharing an image from our past we are extremely grateful. It's the little things that add up and help us paint a more complete picture for our advocacy.

Regular meetings are often available, and if not, your Planning Director will let you know when there is a major project coming up. 

This group is currently working with Sustainable Calgary, sponsored by Acadia  Community Association. There will be larger community visioning sessions with this crew in the near future. 

These don't work yet. If you want to manage one, let us know!

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