The Coalition Member Communities

The communities in our Coalition all have their own priorities, and their own community flavour. What they share are similarities in their ages and style of design - every single one of these communities is an island, nestled between borders of major thoroughfare. Our goal is to insure connectivity across these major roads in the future, as our communities see re-investment after 60 years. Click here for our summary --------->

The Acadia Planning Committee meets the last Sunday evening of each month. Updates will be given on any applications the Committee Chair has received, and each month we will chat about a different planning or building principle. If you want to learn more about something, let us know and we will bring information for you!

The Haysboro Community Association Planning Committee has begun to act proactively instead of reactively to the changes happening in our neighbourhood. We aim to leverage the wisdom of our lived experience to guide successful redevelopment. By amplifying our communities’ voices we can realize our vision for a complete community.


The Southwood Community Association has a volunteer community resident sitting on the Board of Directors, acting as the Director of Development. The SWCA board meets on the last Thursday of every month. Many of the development projects happening in Southwood can be found on the community website:

The Fairview Community has Board Members working on exciting things in their community, especially around Flint Park, and are glad to hear from anyone with an interest in contributing!

KCA has a volunteer planning committee that meets as planning matters arise. Our team provides input on rezones, development permits. We also develop strategies to address growth pressure. We bring a community minded perspective and do our best to work with developers, the city and Kingsland residents to get the best projects possible for our community.

Info on Willowridge committee to go here

These don't work yet. If you want to manage one, let us know!

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